Welcome to my Creative Happiness.

I found my passion and pure joy for Fluid Art in November of 2019. A few months later, like many of you, I had a lot of time at home because of COVID-19 restrictions. I spent much of my time painting, and I grew to really love it. I painted so much, I realized one day I had more paintings than I had walls.

I love using my hands and putting things together, I enjoy gardening and putting my hands in dirt. My side passion is crochet and sewing, which I hope to also share with you. Bold and bright colors are my ‘go to’ colors, and many of my pieces reflect that. I love trying new things, and my pieces will reflect that also.

After several careers: NYPD, Executive Director of a non-profit, Pastor of a local church, and serving on committees and boards, I believe that after sitting long enough to hear the answer, God has opened me up to what’s next in my life, and right now it is my creative spirit.

My creations are on canvas, wood panels and tiles. I hope you enjoy browsing my pages as much as I have enjoyed painting. They are all for sale and if you are interested in a piece, please go to the Contact Me and email me for more information.